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Pedant art gallerist who has no real life, makes one small favor for a young drug addict girl, throws a decent man´s life down the drain without control....but someway he feels alive.

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Broken is a story of a man called Alvar, who is past middle age and who has always lived a simple and sheltered life. He is working in a small art gallery, enjoys old music and old Hollywood films. Alvar is feeling quite satisfied in his life even though he doesn't have much contact with other people, but sometimes he is troubled by a one question: "Am I a good person?". Young drug addict girl comes to the gallery unexpectedly and wants to warm herself a while since it's freezing outside. Alvar wants to be a good person and he lets the girl stay and offers her a cup of coffee. Consequences of Alvar's little generous act for the drug addict girl are unpredictable. Finally Alvar has to really perceive the question of being a good person when the girls life is in his hands.



Crime journalist Lauri Kivi isn’t shocked by much, and although his hearing is damaged because of his own father’s violence, he sees more than most. This is why he’s the right man to write a major article about the rash of familicides plaguing Finland. Kivi personally finds the term “familicide” a grotesque affectation: these are murders. And he’s absolutely right. But in a much more horrific sense than he could ever imagine.


A cross-country tour of the scenes of the tragedies takes Kivi on a journey into his own past, into a crushing childhood and into the life of the daughter he has abandoned.


´In Sheep’s Clothing´ is about violence that is passed down from one generation to the next, but also about forgiveness.

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