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An episodic story about the shades of parenthood, our longing for love and the last dinner party of the
summer. The fall begins.

Based upon the novel 'Vieraat' by Helmi Kekkonen

Director, Screenwriter - Miika Soini

Cinematographer - Timo Salminen (F.S.C.)

Composer - Lasse Enersen

Producer - Tiina Butter

Production Company - Butterworks


NEWR - front.jpeg


Never Enough White Roses is an episodic story about the shades of parenthood, our longing for love, dreams, traumas, fears, and the last dinner party of the summer. The fall begins. 

The past and truth alternate with the present evening and lies. The lives of each individual person or couple reach some kind of an end of the line that evening, which doesn't even get properly underway, like life.

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